Bright Light Photo-therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder, Our "SAD lamps"

Our Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy units deliver the BRIGHTNESS OF SPRING during those DARK & DEPRESSING winter days.

The "SADelite" is a second-generation light therapy unit, compact and adjustable, yielding 10,000 Lux of diffused light. * Click here for table to illustrate different light intensities.

Table to illustrate different light intensities
Lux is unit to measure light intensities
Under sunny sky on the beach100,000 lux
(Bright light therapy product for SAD treatment)
10,000 lux
In spring,
outdoor a few minutes after sunrise
10,000 lux
In a very well lit office500 to 1000 lux
At home
(conventional lighting)
300 to 500 lux
Desk lamp
(in a bedroom)
100 lux

At Sunshine Sales we strive to provide the best quality Light Therapy products to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder at reasonable prices. We attribute our growth and success to our uncompromising emphasis on quality with our light therapy products and on our commitment to exceptional customer service. Thousands of clinicians in North America and Europe recommend our Seasonal Affective Disorder "SAD" Light Therapy products.


Our Quality Products

All our products with exception of The SunRise Clock and the BODYCLOCK are Manufactured in Canada using the highest quality components available. Before buying a competing product, check to see where it is made.

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